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AS Promised, here are some rare original photos of some of the jazz players I met over my years. No particular order.

If you were at one of these events, I would love to hear from you. That is not far fetched, as I used to have a personal

recording of Joe Pass playing at Symphony Hall that I recorded in 1975. Some one emailed me that they were there, and

directed me to the intro of 'All the Things You Are'...he said I should hear a funny yell right before Joe starts.

I listened to my tape, and he was right! He was on it, and I sent him a copy.

Cool stuff like that happens all the time on this site. So please get in touch...even if u weren't there!

THis is George Coleman at Chris's Jazz Cafe in Philly. Sometime around ..2000? Al were there!!

That's where I met my good friend Al..just happened to sit down at the bar and sat next to a guy who would be my friend

for the last 10 years or so.

Ok..its not all jazz here. THis is Muhammad Ali..I met him at the Prudential Center in 1975 while at Berklee. He did some type of exhibition bout.

Here is a great pic of Grace Slick at the Spectrum in Philly...mid 70s i guess? Man...I really liked her. When she came out on

stage that time, she had a poloroid camera and took pics of the crowd right in front of the stage, which is where I always was.

Then she was throwing out the pics to the crowd as she snapped them. The person next to me got one with me on it...

.i should have slapped her down and took it from Thats Paul Katner on a Fender strat...

where is the Rickenbacker Katner model? He played Rics for a long time and had the cool racing stripe on his.

This is what i call the Steve Howe Debacle. Steve was pissed that he went to a guitar show on Long Island, and that out of the

thousands of people who attended, that someone (like me) would have the NERVE and AUDACITY to take his picture!

I mean damn...who would even THINK of taking a picture of the most well known person at the show?

Why would anyone consider that? He was incensed and would not turn around! I thought is was funny...he later said on his

way out, that he was there to look at guitars and not for a 'photo op'. Again I ask...why would I want to take some rare pics

of a semi major rock star guitar player at a guitar show? Does it make any sense to you??? Geeeze.

But..i DID get one!!


II took this of Barney Kessel at the Hyatt House on Sunset Strip in about 1986 or so. They were having jazz there briefly.

LA did not have much in the way of Jazz when I was there, and this was 1 of only 2 chances to see Kessel (or anyone really).

I also recorded it, not knowing it would be the last time I heard him play live.

THis is George Benson at Paul's Mall in Boston going from 1975 to 1976 NYE wasn't on NYE but maybe a day or 2

away. Anyone else see this? It was AMAZING and my first blast of George. He only sang 1 song (Masquerade) and rest was

balls out shredding. One of the best guitar shows I ever saw. I got his pick at the end.

THis is George again in 2002? Looks like George had some "work done' ? This was at the Barney tribute at Birdland.

Everyone was there. See Jim Hall below.

These are pics of Lenny Breau's guitar. When they had the tribute concert the week of his death at Donte's,

I was there with my camera and tape recorder. Many of the pic below are from this night. I also recorded Lenny playing there

the previous Monday. One of his last gigs, if not actually his last. His wife was kind enough to open the guitar case for me

and let me take some pics of his guitar.

Joe Diorio, also at the tribute.

Another shot of the group. I don't know all the names....and no one is helping me on this...come on guys!

Below is Joe and Herb. What a duo.







Here we have the 'Many Faces of Herb Ellis'. This guy really gets into it. He's so great to see and hear live. Hope Herb is

doing great these days. He is one of the last of this generation to still be with us.


Just a sidetrack here...thats Bob Dylan in on the stage with him about 1978 or so.



Above are guitars of the stars (I hate that phrase, which is mainly why I would never own a Bennedetto). They are Jimmy Bruno's guitar next to Vic Juries'. Below are pics from the same night at the 'Jazz Underground' in philly owned by Alex Bartlett who is also a great jazz guitar player. Yes, that is Pat Martino sitting at one of the tables. What an amazing night it was.




Speaking of Bruno, here are some pics of Buddy Rich (Bruno played with Buddy) at Berklee..sometime during 76 or 77.

I saw BR a million of my favorite big bands at the time.

A bit more of Buddy Rich and Pat Martino in the 70s at Berklee.

THis is bassist Monty Budwig playing at the Lenny Breau tribute at Donte's. He was the bass player on many of the Barney Kessel records in the 50s and 60s as well as MANY others.

Above is Larry Carlton at Concerts by the Sea at Redondo Beach CA about 1984. that the pedal board from hell

or what? He was awesome that night.

Jimmy Bruno at the Philly Guitar show...2004 maybe?


Here are some more Dizzy Gilespie pics from when I met him at Harvard. Not sure who the singer is, but that was the event,

not Dizzy. He just happened to pop in. Below is him doing some autographs on his way out. I could not believe I was standing

next to him.


Above is taken at the Long Island Guitar show when everyone used to go. That's Randy Johnston, Anthony (now with Diana Krall)

and Tony Mattola..just before he passed. What a great show.

Also in the Gibson trailer at the show was Jimmy Vivino (Conan O'Brien guitarist) and John Sebastian jamming in the trailer.

Though it was a solemn occasion, that's Les Paul sitting a few tables away at the Kessel tribute. Time to tribute Les now.

A little of topic, this is Jim Marshall, the Lord of Loud, signing at the guitar show. Sorry to hear of his passing on 4/5/12.

THat's me with Ray Brown about 2 weeks before he passed. He played at a local college and I was reminding him of the

many times I watched him on Merv Griffin. I was asking him what he did at the Arco Station..u had to be there in 1971.

I see the Tony Matola pic is repeated..sorry..but that's me above meeting Johnny Smith. This was HUGE for me.

I still think he is the most technically advanced jazzer of all time.

This is me and progressive player Steve Morse at Guitar Center in Sherman Oaks..1985 or so. I used to see him a lot and

loved it. Have not heard him in years, but I'm sure he is still monstrous!

Jimmy and Jack Wilkins at the guitar show in Philly.

That's Jack Wilkins sitting...i could swear he was passed out.


Below is me with the Sun Ra Arkestra. This was chance of a lifetime, I still can't believe I got to play in this band.






John Coltranes soprano sax above and his tenor below..

Pat Martino at a clinic he gave in Fariless Hills in 2006 or so.

That's the late Rich Reazor saying hi to Jack at the guitar show.

THis is drummer Shelly Manne, at the Lenny Breau tribute. He passed not long after this.

THis is my last shot of the Johnny Smith tribute as I was walking out. That's Smith sitting signing as Tony is standing greeting everyone.

Tal Farlow's Tal Farlow! That is Tal taken also at the Sunset Hyatt. He played there a few times and I recorded both him and Barney there. This is a close up of HIS Tal Farlow guitar as he left it on his chair during the break.

Notice the extra pickup next to the neck. Anyone know what thats about??


More Bruno, Juris and Paul Bollenback at the jazz underground.


THis is me holding and playing Wes Montgomery's Gibson L5! This was when it was at Mandolin Bros on Staten Island. They left me in the room by myself (just me and the wife) plugged into a super reverb and let me play this thing all afternoon. It was the greatest experience I ever had in a guitar store. I gladly pay their higher prices...i love that store!

More Philly guitar show pics with Tony Miceli and Jack. That is also Jimmy B's drummer there.

Too many more Ill end it here with Woody Herman band at Berklee and Joe Pass and Gary Burton at

Carnegie Hall.

Hope you enjoyed my slide show.