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I attended the Jazz Auction last March in New York City. What a day that was! I also visited the ORIGINAL Birdland that day, which was right around the 50th anniverary of Charlie Parker's death (more about that later). I have been checking the web since and did not find much in the way of documentation of this auction, which was simply amazing. Dave Leibman made a comment that these items should not have been separated and kept as a collection and I think I agree. It was a great privelidge to have seen all of those items in one place up close, and an experience that no one will have again. Since there is nothing about this anywhere else on the net, I am happy to post my pics here. Feel free to email me with any questions or comments. I hope you enjoy!{content}

This is self explanatory, it is a collection of Buddy Rich's Downbeat and Playboy awards.

tThis is actually Buddy Rich's wallet, drivers license and passport. Cool huh? I didnt know it at the time, but I lived just a few blocks from him near Marina Del Rey near Venice, CA.

TThis is an envelope with notes written by John Coltrane. It shows George Avakian's info who was producing JC at the time. Also looks like a number for Miles. The cheapest Coltrane item went for around $9k.

Here are some gowns and outfits worn by Ella Fitzgerald. I can't remember the story on the piano. Anyone know?

This is the last kit Elvin Jones played. I never got to see Elvin live. Once he was walking around Berklee, and I came down the hall about 2 minutes after he left. In 2000, he did a drum clinic in Philly, so I went down to see him only to find out the clinic was the NEXT day. Duh... never saw Elvin....

This is one of Monk's smoking jackets. I wanted it, but not enough to pay 10K or whatever it went for.

This is a percussion instrument owned by Dizzy. is where it gets REALLY interesting. These are the Parker items. This is his King horn. It was in a case, but you could get really close up. If the glass was not there, I was so close that it was as if it was hanging around my neck. WHAT A HUGE RUSH to be that close to this thing. Phil Woods says, it was just a horn, and it has no special powers. As an instrument, he may be right, but as an icon it DOES have some serious force to it. I stood right there in the same spot for around 40 minutes just staring at it. No one else seemed that interested. No one was waiting for me to get out of the way or anything. I just stood there. He actually played THIS horn. I could not get over it. Here are 3 pics.

TFinally, this is Wes Montgormery's L 5. I played this guitar when it was at Mandolin Bros as did every Wes fan on the east coast! They just left me in the room with it for an hour or so. I couldn't believe this either. It was not the greatest playing guitar in the world, but it was nice. Mandolin Bros charges a slight premium to most of their items, but the goodwill established by letting me and others play this guitar overides all. I gladly shop there and am happy to pay their prices. No other store (no other ANYthing) would have given me the opportunity to play Wes Montgomery's guitar for an afternoon, and Ill never forget that.



IM not sure if the above link will work, but if it does, it shows Louis Armstrong's horn alongside of Dizzys trumpet. I still can't belive I was there.

So, after this, I walked down Broadway to 53rd and went in the Original Birdland. "Down those stairs, lose them cares"......Its a strip club now. I went down the famous stairs and faced the bar. Girls were coming up to me and I was not allowed to take any pics. But the stage is still there, though Im not sure the set up is the same. Does anyone out there know? As you walk in, the bar is right in front of you and the stage is off on the right. Is that how it was?