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Here are some random pics of various things you may find interesting to see, starting with the pics of the site of the original Woodstock Festival. I was there around the 40th anniversary. Talk about



This is the view from in front of where the stage was. I gotta say, it looked sooooo much smaller in person...but this is where it all went down.

THis is the memorial which is also on site.

THe Field in the background.

THis is where the stage was. Below is an MPEG of the general area. Click on it (i used windows media or quick time player and may take a minute).


Below is what happened there 40+ years ago. The pictures above were taken from near the intersection

in the lower left of the pic. Where the lone tree is, is about where the monument is now and the green

to the left is now the only place without grass and is where the stage was.



Above and below were taken at the Deer Head Inn and the band is TRIO FRIO with Vic Juris and Francois Mouton.



ok..its 4/2/10 and here are some new things:

This is a pic of the Iridium when I went to see Martin Taylor 3/22/10. He was AWESOME and there are some pics below.


Martin told a story about when he used to come to 46th st in NYC to look at all the guitar shops. I did that too,

but here is a shot as of 3/23/10, all that is left is Sam Ash...who put their banner over the old landmark Manny's sign.

Other than SA is Rudy's. Rudys is great but, they also opened a shop in Soho that is really spectacular. Other than that

all the shops we used to go to on 48th street are gone. If you have not been here for a while, its depressing to know that

48th street is gone.

Luckily, this is still going strong as is the Blue Note and some others in New York.

Above is Peter Bernstein on guitar. I saw him at Small jazz club on 3/23/10. He is doing a solo thing that is fantastic.

If you ever see his name playing somewhere, you will want to check him out.

More soon!