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A Night in Tunisa

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A 2 MINUTE CLIP OF EVERYSONG on this CD is available at CD BABY!
Here are a few highlights:

This clip begins with an archtop intro then moves into the arrangement. This is a very different approach to a tune that has been done to death. It is what I'm striving for; a new direction. It's not a  "blowing session". I enjoy a good jam, but this is very different. It goes from solo archtop to "Sheets of Sound" on guitar.

CD features:

A Night in Tunisia

(Tribute to Charlie Parker)

Golden Earring
(Arr. Johnny Smith)
I'm an Alien
(Charlie X)

Black is the Color
(Arr. Johnny Smith)

My Only Friend
For Don Miller 1951-2002

(Bach Violin Partita D Minor)

Bend Over Beethoven
( Arr. Van Duser)

For Pete DeMarzo 1939 - 1985

(Charlie X)

Both Sides Now
(Arr. Pat Martino)

Charlie Parker's
Famous Alto Break
on Guitar

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This is Charlie Parker's alto break played on guitar. I transcribed his solo from various live recordings and put them together (but is mainly from the Carnegie Hall w/ Dizzy). This is the first tune I ever heard Bird play and when that break flew past my ears, it was the epiphany. I have since been trying to reach for the same excitement by playing it as I had when I first heard it. Hear more at CD BABY.

Golden Earring

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This is the Johnny Smith arrangement. Its one of the first tunes I learned as a teen, when I first got into jazz. My guitar teacher at the time (Pete DaMarzo-no longer with us) turned me on to Smith, Kessel, Howard Roberts and Wes. At that point I basically dropped out of the rock thing and headed for this.  Those same people are still my idols with the addition of a few more modern players like Jimmy Bruno, Joshua Breakstone, Jack Wilkins and the tone monster Randy Johnston among others. This is a "Tribute" to my JS influence and the great pleasure I've had listening to him all these years. I am not trying to be him. No one can do that.


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Since the CD came out years ago, I get a lot of questions about this track. Here's the story: I was seeing a girl at the time who's father was stricken with cancer. The woman was getting ready to attend a pre med program and had chosen to become a physician.

I had the music but needed lyrics. As I was going though this with her, I realized that although she might accomplish great things and endure a tough rigorous program, her father might never see her reach the goals she set for herself. Goals that he had laid the groundwork for her to achieve.

What would she think when she 'finally got there' and he wasn't around to share this great success?

Well, at this same time I learned that my mentor and guitar teacher that really treated me like a son had just passed away. I had not seen him in years and had progressed quite a distance since he last saw me. So, we were in similar situations and shared the pain of knowing that our 'Teachers' would never see the outcome of their work.

So, I tried to write what a child might say to a great parent, if they were lucky to have a great parent who took the time with them, taught them and truly cared, as her dad did for her and as my teacher (Pete DeMarzo) did for me.

The music was done on analog 8 track and there are no manipulations of the sounds..all guitars were recorded in real time exactly as heard. There is a Roland 707 and DX7 on 2 tracks.

What was her reaction to the song? We parted ways before the song was recorded. As far as I am aware, she has never heard it.

Thanks to everyone for your interest in this song. I feel it is by far my best lyric and a good representation of my rock playing in the early 1990's (wow..this is really old now!)


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This is an acoustic guitar/vocal tune. I like to make up tunes in this style and I just think this is a fun tune.


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I love classical guitar and especially this piece. This is the Segovia transcription and is one of the first classical pieces I heard him do when I was a teen. If your this far down the page, THANKS for listening! Dont forget, more on CDBABY!