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When surfing the net, please visit some friends who have supported this project at these links!

Also, see my new section on Guitar Repair below!

Check out Diane Hubka at:
She is an amazing singer and a great 7 String guitar player. On one of her recent CDs, she is joined by Jack Wilkins and many other great players. She has been very supportive to what I do and I'm happy to trade links and CDs with her. Thanks Diane, Please let me know when you will be on the East Coast again!

You can now download my entire CD OR individual tracks for .99 cents each from !!

Kimberlee Traub

This is the artist who did my CD Cover. She is GREAT to work with and and will take time to get it just the way you want it. Kim, I'm getting ready for the next one soon!

Hook up here with all the philly happenings! Get in touch with all the local Jams and meet me down at 23rd St. cafe on Tue nights!

Eddie Landsberg
I'm also on his "Remembering Eddie Jefferson" CD recorded in NYC in 2001.
I am on there with legends Randy Johnston, Guacomo Gates and James Spalding.
It's some heavy organ and also available at

Dave Leibman
My current favorite band. If you never heard them, check it out!
Dave also has some great articles on his site about the music biz and jazz in general.


Ok, I have worked with most if not ALL of the repair guys in the Philly area..and beyond. Email me offline if you are interested in my experinces both good and and not so good. Remember, this is only what happened to ME with these guys..your mileage may vary.


As far as AMP REPAIR goes in Philly, there is only one name you need to know. Jim Walton. Don't even look anywhere else. He is in NE philly. I brought a Marshall 100w super lead (1971) to him expecting to need a cap job. It did not need it but he replaced tubes and resistors that were blown. He also explained a lot about what he found in my amp and takes a lot of time with his customers explaining every thing which I like a lot. I also brought my 68 Dual Showman reverb to him to be blackfaced and learned that most of the mods had already been done. His prices are excellent and turn around is only a few weeks. He keeps in touch and will do whatever you want and nothing more or less. I would not consider taking my amps anywhere else in the Philly area after working with Jim Walton. Google him and see how many others are saying the same thing about Jim.

PLEASE EMAIL ME WITH YOUR FAVORITES! I am always looking for those who are good. EMAIL ME!!