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This is Pat Martino at Berklee in 1975. His band was the most smoking I had ever heard to that point. Pat is STILL smokin! Its so great to have him back and in great form once again. I am so lucky that he is 'local' to the Philly scene. You would never believe what a nice person he is to meet.












I took these pics of Mingus in 1976 at Alice Tully Hall in NYC after a gig at the Newport in NY fest. After I took the second picture, Mingus looked down directly at my friend next to me and asked "Then what the fuck do you want'?



I took this photo for "Guitar Player" magazine circa 1984 on the occasion of the death of Lenny Breau. Posing for me in front of Dontes in North Hollywood -  L to R is John Pattituchi, Joe Pass, Mrs Breau,  Monty Budwig (?) Mundell Lowe, Herb Ellis (?), in front is (?). If someone can fill in the missing names I would be grateful. I went to see Lenny one week earlier at Donte's and made an audio recording of the entire night. It may be the last recording of him ever. Does anyone know if he played a gig between his Monday night Donte's gig and the night he passed ???


This is me "Kneeling at the Throne" of one of the greatest Jazz guitar players of all time - Barney Kessel. This was taken at his tribute concert June, 1997 in New York City.
This is probably my most valuable possession. Me and Dizzy Gillespie at Harvard University 1975.
Of course, I can never leave out one of my many meetings with the legendary Johnny Smith also taken in NYC at the Smith tribute the following year 1998. Jimmy Bruno and Jack Wilkins "stopped the show " with "Moonlight in Vermont" What a night!
This is Andres Segovia stepping from a car on his way into Symphony Hall in Boston in 1975.
I happened to be hanging on that corner with a flash camera as he got out of the car. I squeezed off 4 flash pics at close range,
when he started to curse me out in Spanish, Ricky Ricardo style. I learned later that he had eye troubles and hated flash pics.
After his concert, I went backstage to meet him. He did not seem to remember me (he also could not remember Bach's Bouree that night, either), and gave me an autograph and handshake. Ill never forget his was the softest hand, like there were no bones in it.