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On this page I will offer 'stuff'' such as guitars, amps, accessories and other items for sale from time to time. At this time, I am selling record cabinets on ebay, but you may also buy them here. All pricing is the same. See below for pics and descriptions of these racks. They work great, and I use them myself to store my massive vinyl collection. I will soon be offering racks for CD, VHS, DVD, CASSETTE and will be getting into 19 inch racks for studio use. Email me for status on these projects! ontent}




At the moment, I have 3 of the 4 footers and will sell these as is (they are like new but stained maple). Otherwise, I make 2 or 3 per week, so there may be a short waiting period while I make yours. If you can pick up the three that I have, they are ready now! Since they are old stock, I will sell the 4 footers for $44 each plus shipping. If you want these shipped, see my shipping info below.  


These would come in a box, FULLY assembled. You just open the box and load your records. Again, I have 3 available now but can make a new one for you or one out of the woods of your choice. See below for wood options and upgrades.


 Also keep in mind that this is all based on 4 ft units. I can make them longer or even 15 inch cubes which are very easy to move around even when loaded with albums. See size info below.


I am a wood hobbyist with a passion for album collecting and jazz records. I don’t think CDs, ipod or digital comes close to the sound of vinyl played on a high quality turntable. But. enough about me! If you collect record albums....I mean..a LOT of record albums and do not have a strong secure place to proudly display your great collection, this is exactly what you need. For you (and me) I build SUPER strength record cabinets. These can be made to your CUSTOM length but mine are normally 4 feet long. This length will accommodate about 300 or so records. Once filled, they are immovable. Some people prefer 15 inch by 15 inch cabs with handles in case you want to move the stack to another part of the room. This is a good option but requires more cabs. I use the 4 footers and can stack them 3 high! That is 900 records in a 4 by 4 foot space!


On the items pictured, I have the front of the albums sticking out so I can see the titles. If you prefer, you can have the record fully enclosed. See below for details. There are many options I can add, such as wheels, sliding doors, me with your needs.


They can be constructed from any wood you like, but these are simple pine. The joints are dadoed and/or routed and are SUPER strong. There are plywood backs which are also dadoed in. I then Glue/screw them to achieve the highest strength because we know how heavy records get with they are in a group. The items here are unpainted but can supply a paint spec that you want. They come fully assembled (local pickup in Philly is best but they can be shipped if you pay Fed Ex shipping costs). You will see these advertised by others for much higher prices in stereo magazines, but i charge a basic $50 for each 4 foot pine unit plus shipping. I must charge more for any exotic woods per your request. Please feel free to email me with any questions! And above all...enjoy your music.






The wood I use is No. 2 pine. It has some knots and waves, but is GREAT for this rack. I also use ½ inch construction grade plywood for the back and for the dividers (3 dividers) on a 4 foot unit. When this unit is fully loaded, you can stack it 3 high…then you can stand on top of it!  It is STRONG! I dado all the joints (not rabbit) including setting in the back and the dividers. I use heavy construction glue and screws for assembly. I do not just nail boxes together. Email me for close ups of the joints or to see my routing and dados during construction. 


For a 2 foot unit, which is much lighter when loaded, I use 3/8 inch plywood for the back and one divider.

A 2 foot unit is $30 each plus shipping.

A 4 foot unit is $49 plus shipping.

A 1 Foot cube unit is $20 Plus shipping.

I can make any other size you want. I can also make a 6 footer, but you CANNOT stack these due to the weight when loaded.  Email me for details on other sizes.




WOODS: You may choose another wood for this project. I can do this in cherry, poplar and oak when available. I buy my boards off the rack at Home Depot or Lowes. You can go there and price the wood. The hardwood will raise the price of the rack by 3 times. So the basic price of a cherry 4 footer is $150 plus shipping.


WHEELS: I can do wheels, but they MUST be very heavy duty as these things get VERY heavy when loaded.  I do FIVE wheels on a 4 footer, because you need a wheel in the center to support the box from sagging in the middle. The wheels are $10 to $25 each depending on what size box you order and whether I can find a deal on the wheels. Email me for wheels and I will let you know the current cost of adding wheels.


HANDLES:  Handles are only practical on the 1 foot cube and 2 foot models. You would need 5 strong guys to lift a loaded 4 footer, so I do not recommend handles for these. All handles are the same cost. $7.50 each.  For a 2 footer, you need 2 handles. A cube can go with just one handle.


LEGS:    Legs are wonderful on women, however, they do not have much purpose on these cabinets. I have not come up with a leg design that is practical in any way or that makes these more useable. No legs.


FINISHING:      I can stain/paint these for you for $10. I am not a pro finisher but can wipe, spray or paint a decent looking stain on for you for $10 per cabinet, any size. I would recommend that you perform this step yourself and save. You can also have more control over the exact color you want, if you do it yourself. However, I can paint these any color you specify or stain them if you prefer…no problem…$10.


OTHER SIZES:      I can make this cab ANY size you want from 1 foot to ..WHATEVER!  I am limited by the length of the box I need to find to ship it to you!  I don’t know where to get a 10 foot long box, but if your serious, I will find one!...or put 2 five foot boxes together..etc.

A very long one (more than 4 ft) will cost more in shipping, but is available. You may also pick these up directly from me, and save ALL shipping costs! I am 6 miles from Center City Philadelphia. I will deliver 4 footer up to 50 miles for $30 shipping cost.


FULLY ENCLOSED CABINET   I build these cabinets out of 1 x 10s. When completed, about 2 inches of the album cover is exposed (You can see this in the pictures). I like this, as I can see the titles and which album I’m looking for. However, some people like to fully enclose the albums so that they totally ‘sit inside’ the cabinet. For this, I use a 1 x 14. This is a nice feature, but will raise the cost of the basic cabinet to $89 for a 4 footer. The cabinet will also be heavier and may cost slightly more to ship.

To this size, I can also add SLIDING DOORS to totally conceal the albums. Add $20 for sliding doors.


Please email me with any other questions or mods you may be thinking of.


Stay tuned for Cassette, CD, VHS and DVD models soon! I can also rack your old 45 RPM collection!!! Or your 10 inch! (Records, that is). Some of these will be able to be wall mounted. I can also do MAGAZINES!!! Soon I will also be adding 19 inch rack space models. I can do any size or config for you, much cheaper than Sam Ash!

I am working on the prototypes for these…email me for current status.




I ship via FED EX Ground.  Some samples of shipping cost are:  to Alabama was $30 for a 4 footer. To S. Carolina was $35 for two 2 footers (in a single box) and one 4 footer to Los Angeles was $50, which is the furthest distance from me and probably the most expensive. I’m always looking for lower shipping costs, but so far that’s the lowest. Here is how you can figure your costs:  Go to fed ex website and here are the dimensions: a 4 ft unit comes in a box that is 15” x 15” x 48 and use 30 lbs for the estimate. Then put in your zip code info with my zip, which is 19050.

For a 2 ft unit use 15x15x 24 and 18 lbs with your zip info. When I take the item to fed ex, these estimates will be close.


THEN ADD TO THESE ONLINE ESTIMATES: I will round the shipping up to the nearest $5 increment for packing and for delivering it to Fed ex. So, if the estimate is $21.50, I will round this to $25.


THEN .. ADD $5 for the box to that: I will add the cost of the box which is $5 to the $25 so your total shipping would be $30 in this scenario. PLEASE EMAIL me with any shipping questions and I will do this estimate for you before you buy.